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Why choose a LIFE and Movement program for your school?

Benefits of a LIFE and Movement Wellbeing program

LIFE and Movement Wellbeing programs are aligned with the HPE curriculum and developed in line with SEL and positive psychology.

Programs have been developed for the following age groups. LIFE and Movement Wellbeing programs are aligned to the HPE curriculum and the personal and social elements of the national curriculum.

Prep-Grade 2
Grades 3-6
Grades 7-10
Grades 11-12

LIFE and Movement offers five 8-week programs which can be run over different terms, or as individual programs independent of each other.

LIFE and Movement can also work with you to tailor-make a program specific to the needs of your school and students.


In this foundation Wellbeing program, students actively participate in education about their mind and body, work on building focus, and think about how they can move through life with intention, compassion and gratitude.

Students will move a lot to build strength and flexibility. They will receive a relaxation to calm their mind and body during every class. 

FOUNDATIONS OF mindful movement

An introduction to mindful movement, based on yoga. This program incorporates physical movement (postures), mindfulness and meditation. Through mindful movement students will increase focus and learn to help themselves calm.

Themes explored within the program are the mind-body connection, positive self-talk, and gratitude.


This Wellbeing program delves into emotional regulation, the power of thought, education on how the brain works including meta-cognition, and the habits of mind. Students will be empowered through resilience exercises and role playing where they practise control of emotional reactions and learn about healthy habits.

Physical movement is used to reset neural pathways, enabling students to become more flexible and cope better with change or disappointment.

growth mindset

Students learn about the key skills to success: persistence and practise, in this interactive Wellbeing program. This program delves into positive self-talk, goal-setting, how to respond to challenges and problem-solving. Students are educated on the brain and The Learning Pit.

Physical movement in this program offers challenges for the students to put their growth mindset into practice, increasing strength week by week so that they will have made clear achievements by the end of the term.


De-centre your universe and build connections and trust.

This fun and interactive Wellbeing program provides multiple opportunities for physical partner exercises and team work. Students practise conflict resolution, standing up for themselves and others, and learn about peer influence.

Key themes are kindness, mindfulness in interactions and the development of empathy.

“Personal and social capability supports students in becoming creative and confident individuals who, as stated in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008), ‘have a sense of self-worth, self-awareness and personal identity that enables them to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing’, with a sense of hope and ‘optimism about their lives and the future’. On a social level, it helps students to ‘form and maintain healthy relationships’ and prepares them ‘for their potential life roles as family, community and workforce members”
-Australian Curriculum